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  • What is your style of photography?
    Whatever your story might be, our goal is to tell it in the pictures we take. We don't want you to look back at an image and think "oh that was from page three in a pose book they bought", but instead remember the joke that made you laugh or the kiss that gave you butterflies when we took it. Our editing style is vibrant and colorful! We love shooting in natural light and individually edit our photos to give them a naturally vivid (but still edited) look. We do not use presets or outsource our editing, so that we can cater the style of our edits to that particular type of shoot.
  • What are your rates?
    Although we do have a base rate for the various services we provide, we find there are too many factors that finalize price. Instead of listing a ballpark figure we would prefer you go to our Inquire page and submit a request!
  • What kind of camera equipment do you use?
    We shoot with professional Nikon equipment, including full-frame cameras, prime lenses, and other camera accessories. We also bring back-up equipment just in case something apocolyptic happens. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, we are happy to during your consultation.
  • It's raining... AGAIN!
    We always will do our absolute best to make a scheduled shoot happen, but in case it is non-stop torrentially downpouring, then we can postpone your shoot at no additional cost. Ultimately the decision to postpone is left up to our discretion and best judgment.
  • I have never once been described as photogenic...
    JOIN THE CLUB! If you are sick of not liking how you look in pictures, then you have come to the right place! It doesn't matter if your favorite look includes layers of makeup with curled hair or a bare face with a high ponytail... our goal is to capture your beauty as authentically as possible!
  • Where do your photoshoots take place?
    We do not have a studio because we believe that when people are in an environment that is more meaningful and comfortable to them, then it is easier to visually portray their story. We prefer to use natural outdoor lighting whenever possible, but we are also eager to explore indoor structures and are open to in-home shoots. Whether your preference is a mountain top, your backyard, or somewhere in-between, we will find a location that speaks to you!
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