~A  charismatic couple who is trying to follow God's plan and take as many pictures along the way.

~Based in beautiful Virginia, but PLEASE give us a reason to travel.

~We are full of life which translates into our vibrant and colorful editing style. 

~We are storytellers, and capturing joy in pictures is one of our favorite ways to narrate.

~In-between editing we have highly competitive Wii ping pong and chess matches.

~Any day we get to pet a random dog is a very good day.

~There's a solid chance we are eating Taco Bell before or after your shoot.

~We appreciate Harry Potter and Star Wars References.


~Giving a one-of-a kind 

personalized client experience will always be our #1 priority. You are not a booking, you are a person.

~We DO NOT use presets or outsource our editing. Every image you receive is individually


~We will do whatever is necessary to get "the shot" including: climbing ladders, laying in the dirt, scaling roofs, etc.

~We love adventure and coming up with unique concepts you don't always see on your Instagram feed.

~We strive to capture authentic emotions, so don't be surprised if we bring our speaker to play your favorite song to help you loosen up.

~We help create a prop plan (and even make some of them) as part of the creative plan for the shoot. 



God writes the story...

we just document it.