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Home for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Before taking next year's Christmas Card pictures at a common holiday themed set-up, consider having them taken in your home to create a more meaningful and festive backdrop!

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of staging your home?

Don't stress! If you plan on decorating at least one corner of your home we can work with it. Here are some ways we used one corner to create some memorable holiday portraits for this couple:

  • Lights and more lights! A simple and cost-effective way to add dimension and give an instant festive look to your pictures is by using lights on the tree and/or adding lights to window/ door frames.

  • Add some sugar! Make a cup of hot cocoa paired with your favorite Christmas candy/cookies to add a fun (and tasty) component to the shoot. Sugar can also be calorie-free! A peck on the cheek can be just as sweet and helps you stay on Santa's Nice List.

  • O Christmas Tree! Your tree might be your most personalized decoration, so why not put it to good use as the focal point for your background? Even if it's blurred in a sea of lights, you still can look back and remember when you put the decorations on that tree and the people who helped.

The More the Merrier

  • Take away the stress of capturing picturesque moments of your children on Christmas Day! Take your time dressing them up (or down in their festive PJs) and get all the shots in front of the tree, making a gingerbread house/ cookies, or posing with the family that you want so you can focus your attention on enjoying the moment on the big day.

  • Include your Fur Family! Not only are the dress-up possibilities for your animals endless, but a family portrait wouldn't be complete without the family member who is most likely to knock your tree down.

  • The only thing better than one pair of Christmas PJs is two pairs! If dressing up for portraits isn't your style, then find your favorite themed lounge-wear (onesies are definitely acceptable) to stay relaxed and comfy throughout your shoot.

Will you stay Home for Christmas Portraits Next Year?


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